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Import PGP (tm) Keys
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Version 2.0 and later of Crypto Anywhere support OpenPGP encryption and provide compatibility with PGP Corporation's PGP TM product. If upgrading from PGP TM to Crypto Anywhere, you may wish to import your old PGP TM 8.0 keys and those of your friends. This provides an ideal migration path to the stronger SecExMail cipher also supported by Crypto Anywhere while maintaining backwards compatibility with legacy software. To import your PGP TM keys, follow the illustrated guide below.

· Open your PGP TM key chain, select your key and then select the export option.  

pgp export  

· Save your key to disk as an ASCII key file and check the "Include Private Key(s)" option as shown below  

pgp export options  
· In Crypto Anywhere, navigate to the "My Identities" screen under "Configuration" on the left tool menu. Then click the open folder icon on the toolbar to activate the "Import SecExMail Private Key" dialog. Under "Files of type", select "OpenPGP Secret Key Files" and navigate to the key file you exported from PGP TM. Now click open.  

import pgp keys  

· Your PGP TM key will appear in the My Identities screen. In the future you will need only your PGP TM passphrase to decrypt messages sent to you from your PGP TM friends.  

pgp key import success  

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