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All prices shown are in US Dollars.
Download Insurance means that if you lose your download, we will replace it for free. Bytefusion Support (like all other support) require a valid license number before assisting our customers so if you have lost this, please purchase the "Record Search" product and contact Bytefusion Support with the receipt. When we find your record, the record search fee will be refunded if you purchased download insurance with the product. Only ONE Download Insurance per order is required.

Please contact Bytefusion Sales before purchasing the upgrade products. You will need to provide a valid license before we send you the upgraded product. If you are unable to provide a valid license within 10 working days, we will refund the purchase after deducting an administration fee.

SKU Product Order
op-dli-01 Download Insurance $10.00
ntp-pts-01 PresenTense Time Server for Windows $195.95
ntp-ptc-01 PresenTense Time Client for Windows - Single Client License $39.95
ntp-ptc-02 PresenTense Time Client for Windows - 20 Client License Pack $479.95
ntp-ptc-10 PresenTense Time Client for Windows - Site License $799.95
ntp-pta-01 PresenTense NTP Auditor Single Client $59.95
ntp-pta-02 PresenTense NTP Auditor - 20 Client Pack $719.95
ntp-pta-10 PresenTense NTP Auditor - Site License $989.95
ntp-lta-01 Lan Time Analyzer Standard (20 clients) $79.95
ntp-lta-02 Lan Time Analyzer Professional (unlimited clients) $195.95
ntp-ptc-11 PresenTense 98 Time Client - Single Client $39.95
ntp-ptc-12 PresenTense 98 Time Client - 20 Client License $79.95
ntp-ptc-13 PresenTense 98 Time Client - Site License $199.95
upg-pts-01 Upgrade PresenTense Time Server - Any version to latest $78.38
upg-ptc-01 Upgrade PresenTense Time Client, Single License - Any version to latest $15.98
upg-ptc-02 Upgrade PresenTense Time Client, 20 License - Any version to latest $191.98
upg-ptc-10 Upgrade PresenTense Time Client, Site License - Any version to latest $319.98
upg-lta-01 Upgrade LAN Time Analyzer, Standard - Any version to latest $31.98
upg-lta-02 Upgrade LAN Time Analyzer, Professional - Any version to latest $78.38
op-rsc-01 Record Search $50.00