Purchase Order Guidelines

Prices can be found here.

Purchase Orders must be on company letterhead with an authorized signature. If your company is located within the European Union, you must provide us with your valid VAT number. We are required by law to add United Kingdom VAT at the standard rate to all orders from private persons and companies located within the European Union. If you have a tax exempt certificate but no VAT number, please fax or email this with the order.

Please ensure the Purchase Order has the correct product codes and names.
If you have received a volume discount from one of our Sales Representatives, please include the quote number with your purchase order as this speeds up processing.
Customers who have an agreed rate with us do not need to include a quote number.

Fax or email your PO to us using the details shown below. If you are located in the USA, Australia, Germany, UK, Canada, Austria, Switzerland, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland, Belgium or The Netherlands, we will ship the product and an invoice on 30 days credit. If you are located in any other country, we will email you a proforma invoice and when payment is received, the product will be shipped.
Our invoices are send via email only so no paper copy is sent. If you are unable to accept emailed invoices then please purchase via our PayPal/Creditcard service here.

Email, Address and Other Details

Email (preferred)


US and Canadian Order Fax Number

1 845 698 6041

Fax, all other countries

+44 330 088 2170

Mail Address

Bytefusion Ltd
1-5 Church St
Douglas, IOM
British Isles

US EIN: 98-1154297
DUNS: 221471368

Accepted Methods of Payment

We no longer accept checks in US dollars. Preferred method of payment is wire/SWIFT transfer to our bank account.
If you wish to pay by any other method, please contact sales@bytefusion.com.
Bank details are provided on both quotes and invoices however should you require them in advance to add Bytefusion Ltd as a supplier, please contact sales@bytefusion.com for details.