Version Numbers and Upgrade Information

Below you will find the latest version numbers for our products.
Unless otherwise agreed as part of a bulk purchase agreement, upgrades for Bytefusion software are free within the major version number. This means that if you purchased version 4.x of a product, all upgrades which start with 4 are included. A fee will be charged if you purchased 4.x and you wish to upgrade to 5.x unless you are covered by our Upgrade Guarantee.
Upgrades are free for users who purchased the product after Midnight (GMT) on the day shown in the column "Guarantee" in the table below.
If your product is not covered by our Upgrade Guarantee, you may purchase an upgrade here.

Critical update information for PresenTense Time Client. Click here for details.

SKU Product Version Build Guarantee (free upgrade)
ntp-pts-01 PresenTense Time Server for Windows 5.1 1646 Oct 19, 2016
ntp-ptc-01 PresenTense Time Client for Windows - Single Client License 5.4 2280 Feb 14, 2017
ntp-ptc-02 PresenTense Time Client for Windows - 20 Client License Pack 5.4 2280 Feb 14, 2017
ntp-ptc-10 PresenTense Time Client for Windows - Site License 5.4 2280 Feb 14, 2017
ntp-pta-01 PresenTense NTP Auditor Single Client 5.1 3286 Feb 4, 2019
ntp-pta-02 PresenTense NTP Auditor - 20 Client Pack 5.1 3286 Feb 4, 2019
ntp-pta-10 PresenTense NTP Auditor - Site License 5.1 3286 Feb 4, 2019
ntp-lta-01 Lan Time Analyzer Standard (20 clients) 5.0 1282 Feb 14, 2017
ntp-lta-02 Lan Time Analyzer Professional (unlimited clients) 5.0 1282 Feb 14, 2017
ntp-ptc-11 PresenTense 98 Time Client - Single Client 3.7 N/A N/A
ntp-ptc-12 PresenTense 98 Time Client - 20 Client License 3.7 N/A N/A
ntp-ptc-13 PresenTense 98 Time Client - Site License 3.7 N/A N/A

Version 5.3 should be considered a critical update for all previous versions of PresenTense Time Client.
Version 5.3 addresses an issue whereby PresenTense Time Client may lose contact with all time sources.
Although rare, the resulting loss of contact with time sources may cause loss of synchronization.

It is strongly recommended that all versions prior to 5.3 be upgraded. See upgrade guarantee details above.