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When sending encrypted e-mail, you will need to specify the recipient(s) of your message. As you receive Crypto Anywhere messages from other people, Crypto Anywhere collects encryption keys from the senders - your secure friends. When sending mail to your secure friends, messages are encrypted so that only your secure friends will be able to read them. You yourself won't be able to decrypt a message encrypted to a secure friend - unless of course you selected your own key for encryption also. You may select one or more keys. Using secure friend keys is the recommended mode of encryption.

In many cases, the intended recipient of a message has not provided you with an encryption key. This will be especially the case when communicating with someone for the first time. In this case simply click "unlisted email address". This will select "Self decrypting e-mail" as encryption method.


Self decrypting e-mail messages carry an attachment which bundles your encrypted message, the Crypto Anywhere software needed to decrypt the message and any required encryption keys into a self extracting archive. The encryption key required to decode the message is itself stored using 3DES encryption and protected by the passphrase you supply. Therefore you will need to supply the recipient of the message with this passphrase. The ability to receive email attachments will vary from recipient to recipient. Some email clients or email servers block self extracting attachments or block attachments with specific file names or extensions. For this reason you may send self decrypting e-mails in three formats under "Send As". The following options are supported :

· default - zip archive  
· exe - self extracting executable  
· zip - zip archive  
· 123 - self extracting executable with ".123" file extension  

Request encrypted reply

Check this option if you want to include keys needed to send you encrypted e-mail ( your public keys ).  

Share secure friends list

Check this option if you want to share your secure friends list with the recipients ( secure friends public keys ).  

In most cases you will only have to send a self decrypting email to a particular recipient once. After decrypting and reading your message, the recipient will be given the option to configure Crypto Anywhere immediately and send you encrypted mail in reply.

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