Free corporate and personal encryption.

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1. If it's free, why do I have to register.

To show we have not modified the software (see question 2 below), we released the same software which we've been selling since 2004. The license generation utility from which you receive your license is the same as we have used since the beginning and it requires an email address. You don't have to register and create an account as such, you just need to provide a valid email address to which the registration key will be sent.

2. Have you introduced any back door keys or spyware?

To stop any rumours before they start, we have not introduced any backdoor keys as a result of pressure from governments or otherwise. In fact we have not modified Crypto Anywhere in any way at all and this can be verified by anybody who has an old copy of Crypto Anywhere and does an MD5 signature on the executable. It is the same.

3. Do you provide support for the free version?

No, we'd like to repeat that - No support.

4. I've already purchased Crypto Anywhere, can I get a refund?

No refunds will be offered.

5. I purchased Crypto Anywhere in 200x, will I still get support?

Yes. We continue to support our customers who purchased Crypto Anywhere. You MUST provide your license number or invoice numer with all support requests. If this is not provided, the request will be deleted.

6. We are a magazine, can we distribute Crypto Anywhere?

You will need to contact for permission as the terms of the license agreement are not to be distributed without prior written permission.

7. We are a software site, can we redistribute the software?

See question 6. above.

8. How do I get a license key?

Download the 30 day demo and ensure it works for you. When you are satisfied, return to the Crypto Anywhere web page and click on the menu button to the left where it says "Register". Follow the submenu and the instructions there.

9. I still don't get it working. Is there anywhere I can get help?

Other users may be willing to assist you. There is a Crypto Anywhere forum set up for users to discuss the product so you should ask there. The link to the forums is here.

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