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GPS Master Clock - InSync GPS Master Clock



  • GPS Master Clock
  • Antenna with 15' (5m) cable
  • RS-323 com port connector
  • PS/2 pass thru keyboard connector
  • NTP Time Server software
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InSync GPS Master Clocks have made their way to most countries in the world and have been a great success. Despite the enormous volume of clocks shipped, we've never had a single returned due to failure! Times change and so do the parts which make up these clocks. The relatively inexpensive GPS boards which made up the heart of the InSync GPS Master Clocks have become harder to source so rather than compromise on quality, we've decided to discontinue the product. Our remaining stock will be used in case an InSync GPS Master Clock fails. All warranties will naturally be honored and we will continue to support customers who have purchased this product. Specifications will remain on our web site for at least a year for reference purposes.

Technical facts And Features for InSync GPS Master Clock


Multi protocol time server Software Included

Compact design means it takes up very little space

15' (5m) waterproof active antenna included
Highly accurate
Offers time services to clients via your PC
Connects to any computer via the RS-232 com port

Powers from the PC keyboard plug so it will work anywhere in the world. Includes a PS/2 Y-adapter so you can still use the keyboard

Inexpensive - only US$495
Supports SNTP, UDP, TCP and NTP3 / NTP4 time server protocols

Simultaneously supports clients using different time protocols

Free NTP Plug-In included
Multi Protocol Support

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