Free corporate and personal encryption.

Registering Cryto Anywhere

On this page you can register your copy of Crypto Anywhere and receive a registration key.

Enter your information in the following form and click Go to receive your registration key.

Valid information must be entered so that Crypto Anywhere will work within your email client.

Note: we do not save your email address, name or any other information so we will never send you any advertising. You therefore need to save your registration key as it cannot be retrieved after you close the web page.

Why do you need to register if it's free?

If you have not read the FAQ, we'll answer the question again...

To show we have not modified the software (see question 2 in the FAQ), we released the same software which we've been selling since 2004. The license generation utility from which you receive your license is the same as we have used since the beginning and it requires an email address. You don't have to register and create an account as such, you just need to provide a valid email address to use with Crytpo Anywhere.

For support options, please read the FAQ as any support email sent to Bytefusion without a previously purchased license number will be deleted.

Billing Name
E-mail address.

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