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Command mode
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To enter command mode, select "Command Mode" from the "Tools" menu. This will enable you to execute SCP ( Secure Copy Program ) and SFTP ( Secure FTP ) commands directly. Output will be displayed in the session log window at the bottom. You will also be able to interact with the process by typing directly in the session log window, for example if asked to enter your password for the remote system.


The syntax for SecEx SCP client is reproduced below. Please note that SCP is stateless and does not maintain a session on the remote server. Thus one SCP command with server and logon information is required for every SCP operation performed.

   SecEx SCP Client
   Version 1.1
   Usage: scp [switches] [user@]host:source target
          scp [switches] source [source...] [user@]host:target
          scp [switches] -ls user@host:directory
          scp [switches] -del user@host:file_to_delete
          scp [switches] -mkdir user@host:new_directory
          scp [switches] -rmdir user@host:directory_to_delete
        -r        copy directories recursively
        -v        show verbose messages
        -P port   connect to specified port
        -pw passw login with specified password

The syntax for SecEx SFTP client is as follows :

   SecEx SFTP Client
   Version 1.1
   Usage : sftp [switches] user@host
   Switches :

     -P port     Connect to specified port
     -pw passw   Login with specified password
     -v          Display verbose output

Upon successful login, SFTP maintains a session on the remote server and SFTP shell until you log out.
The SFTP shell commands available are as follows :

   SecEx SFTP Client Command Set

   ls - display folder information for server working directory
   cd <remote path> - change working directory on server
   lcd <local path> - change working directory on local system
   pwd - display current working directory on server
   lpwd - display current working directory on local system
   get <remote file> <local file> - fetch file from server
   put <local file> <remote file> - copy file to server
   mkdir <folder path> - create remote directory
   rmdir <folder path> - remove remote directory
   rm <file path> - remove file
   help - show this help information
   exit - end sftp session

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