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SecExMail Key File Format
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The SecExMail keys are stored in conventional text files ending in "#.pubrsa" and "#.privrsa" for public keys and private keys respectively. Files are divided into an administrative segment and a data segment. The administrative segment contains information required by SecExMail for key management.

Administrative Segment

Globally unique key identifier; used by SecExMail to associate private and public key components.  
owner of the SecExMail key  
Email address of key owner  

reserved for future use  
vendor options field - reserved for future use  

New lines in the administrative section are denoted by carriage return line feed pairs (ASCII characters 13 + 10).
Data Segment

The data section is comprised of a single RSA key in base 64 encoded format. New lines in the data section are denoted by a single linefeed ( ASCII character 10 ). Private RSA keys are stored in 3DES encoded, chained block cipher format and protected with a passphrase.


SecExMail keys held in the registry are stored in a format analogous to keys stored on file - with each parameter represented as a registry value. See image below.

secex key registry layout

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