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RSA Public Key Encryption
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"c = me mod n" is the algorithm that turns the world of e-commerce. Introduced in 1978 by Rivest, Shamir and Adleman after whom the cipher is named, RSA is the worlds foremost public key encryption system. Contrary to the design of classic encryption algorithms where the same key is used to lock and unlock the information, public key encryption relies on "two key" algorithms. The sender encrypts the message with the recipients public key who, upon receipt of the message, is able to decipher the same with the private key counterpart. This development was revolutionary in the field of cryptography because parties wishing to establish secure communications no longer had to meet in "secret" to exchange confidential keying information.

The SecExMail public key infrastructure uses industry standard RSA encryption as developed by the OpenSSL project.
See Acknowledgements.

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