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Quick Start
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This is the "manual" quick guide to getting you up and running with SecExMail !

For information on wizard based setup, see Configuration Wizard.
·Step 1  
Start the SecEx Key Generator and create your own SecExMail keys. Click here to learn how.  
·Step 2  
Open SecExMail by right-clicking the SecExMail icon in bottom right corner of your screen as shown below and configure your mail server . Click here to learn how.  
secexmail tray icon  
If you cannot see the SecExMail icon in bottom right corner of your screen, you will need to start SecExMail manually first.  
·Step 3  
Configure your email client program to use SecExMail as a relay agent. Click here to learn how.  
·Step 4  
Send your SecExMail key to your friends. Click here to learn how.  
·Step 5  
Tell your friends about SecExMail and let SecExMail defend your privacy !  

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