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Out-Tray Tab
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The Out-Tray tab shows outgoing and sent messages that SecExMail has processed. It is similar to your email client's sent items folder. Here you can view messages exactly as they have been send and decrypt messages which were encrypted to keys for which you hold the private key component. Note that you will not be able to decrypt messages which have been encrypted to your friends unless you have carbon copied ( "CC" ) them to yourself.

out-tray tab

refresh view buttonRefresh View Button :

Use this button to refresh the list on the Out-Tray tab. This list is updated when it is first displayed and thereafter only when you click the refresh view button.  

open message buttonOpen Message Button :

Use this button to open a selected message. This feature will allow you to view "raw wire" message in notepad.  

delete message buttonDelete Message Button :

Use this button to delete selected message(s).  

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