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Secure Socket Layer & Certificates
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The Secure Socket Layer (SSL) page allows you to fine tune the operation of secure client connections and configure the SSL certificate SecExMail Gate will present to connecting clients. This certificate serves to verify the identity of the computer hosting SecExMail Gate to clients connecting from outside your corporate network and thus prevents Trojan horse attacks which could otherwise compromise sensitive password information. See also IP/DNS spoofing.


·Server Mode  

This setting determines the SSL operating mode of SecExGate. In Transport Layer Security mode (TLS V.1), SecExGate will understand TLS version 1, SSL version 2 and SSL version 3 protocols. In Secure Socket Layer 3 mode (SSL v.3) SecExGate will understand SSL version 3 only. In Secure Socket Layer 2 mode (SSL v.2) SecExGate will understand SSL version 2 only. For compatibility reasons, the recommended setting is "TLS V.1"  


This setting determines the SSL session timeout. The recommended default is 300 seconds.  

·Min. Cipher Bits  

This setting determines the minimum encryption strength for SSL/TLS ciphers used by SecExGate. Only ciphers satisfying this requirement will be included in the SSL protocol negotiation with clients.  

·Certificate File  

This setting should specify the full path to your SSL certificate in PEM encoded format. Certificates are used by clients to verify the identity of your SecExGate mail relay server. See also Generating Certificate Requests.  

·Private Key File  

This setting should specify the full path to the RSA key for your SSL certificate. The key file must *NOT* be encrypted.  

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