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Before SecExMail
The diagram below illustrates the conventional flow of email data across corporate, local area networks and the public internet. Traditionally, email messages travel across the internet unencrypted, not unlike messages on postcards. And just like postcards, everybody involved in the delivery of an e-mail message can read it without "opening the envelope" and thus without leaving any indication that the confidentiality of the message has been compromised. As the global economy moves into cyberspace, an ever increasing volume of email traffic includes information of industrial intelligence value. This information is routinely harvested by sniffer devices either at your ISP or at key routers on the internet, scanning millions of e-mails per second. If you are communicating information of commercial value, you should take active steps now to protect your communication against industrial espionage.  

With SecExMail
Fielding corporate e-mail encryption to protect your corporate assets is now easier than ever :  
· Install the SecExMail Gate proxy service on a Windows 2000/NT/XP server on your network.  
· Define at least one encryption key for your corporate domain. See Personal and Department Keys.  
· Configure existing email client software to communicate via SecExMail Gate  
· Configure SecExMail Gate to communicate with your existing e-mail server. See POP3 & SMTP.  
Remote Staff and Home Users
If you employ tele-commuting staff or other remote staff, you can give them direct access to your SecExMail Gate server using the corporate edition of the SecExMail client software. Remote staff can install SecExMail Corporate edition on portable notebook computers and perform encryption / decryption locally while also protecting login and account information. See SecExMail POP3 clients - Internet and SecExMail SMTP clients - Internet. A free edition of the SecExMail client software is available to home users if you need to communicate securely with individuals outside of your own organization.  

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