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Group Key Management
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The group key management page is used to define associations between individual staff members and their respective departments. To provide interoperability with third party applications such as spreadsheets and database programs, group key associations are maintained in a comma separated values file, "groupkeys.csv", in the application folder of SecExMail Gate. You may edit details of group key associations manually on this page or export your staff database directly from your spreadsheet or database application. The format of the file groupkeys.csv is defined as follows :

The pound symbol denotes a comment. Each non-comment line holds a single email address mapped to a SecExMail key using comma as a delimiter. Empty lines are ignored.. Example for "" : , accounting , accounting

The above example assumes that a physical SecExMail key "" is defined for the accounting department on the keys page. Both users Alice and Bob will be assigned the accounting key.


·Save changes button export_key_button  

Save your changes back to the file "groupkeys.csv"  
·Re-read groups file refresh view button  

You may have to refresh the display by clicking this button after modifying the groupkeys.csv file outside of SecExMail Gate such as my be the case when exporting data from a database program or spreadsheet application.  

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