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SecExMail SMTP clients - Internet
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The SMTPS tab allows you to configure SecExMail Gate for operation with SecExMail corporate email clients. This configuration option is recommended for "road warriors" or remote staff who will be connecting to your corporate email server from the public internet. All data and password information is protected in transit between remote staff and your corporate network by a Secure Socket Layer (SSL) tunnel. SecExMail message encryption and decryption takes place on the road warrior's computer using his/her keys. Unencrypted messages and encrypted messages alike travel securely through the SSL tunnel.


·Enable SMTP Relay over SSL  

If checked, this setting enables the secure SMTP relay service. Message encryption is performed by SecExMail on the user's workstation. SecExMail Gate acts as secure conduit between the remote user and the corporate network.  

·SecExGate Port  

SecExMail Gate will listen for client connections on the port you specify here. E-Mail clients should be configured to send mail via the IP address of the computer hosting SecExMail Gate using this port.  

·SMTP Server Port  

SecExMail Gate will forward e-mail data to your SMTP server on the port you specify using this setting.  

·SMTP Server  

Use this setting to specify the IP address or DNS name of your SMTP e-mail server.  

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