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Selecting a word list
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Domain Miner ships with two word lists, a marketing word list and the comprehensive Enhanced North American Benchmark Lexicon with over 172,000 terms. Consider the following scenario:

Suppose your company sells marbles. Further suppose you wish to register the name "", and you find that the name "" is taken. It is. When this happens, you have a number of options.

Firstly, you could check for the availability of the term "marbles" in other top level domains. For example, if your company is located in the United Kingdom, you might entertain the domain name "". Perhaps your organization acts as a standards body for the manufacture of marbles, rather than selling them commercially. This would suggest the name "".

However, if you are a commercial organization engaged in the sale of marbles, you will probably insist on a ".com" domain name. At this point, you can combine the term marbles with terms from a word list. For example, if you chose the marketing word list, Domain Miner will combine "marbles" with commonly used marketing power words to construct possible domain names such as "" or "" and check for availability of each domain name constructed in this fashion.

If you find that the marketing word list is not comprehensive enough for your purposes, you can employ the Enhanced North American Benchmark Lexicon for your search. If you are conducting a search in a language other than English, or wish to employ words from a specific subject area, such as a medical or legal dictionary, you may provide your own word list.

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