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Getting started
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So you are seeking to register a domain name on the internet ? Let Domain Miner help you find a list of available domain names which pertain to your organization name or business activity based on information you provide. The process is outlined below :

· Selecting top level domains

A top level domain is a family of domain names. The common domain suffix .com , pronounced "dot com", is such a family of domain names. Before you can register a domain name you need to decide which family or families of domains you want to belong to.

· Server Selection

Domain Miner ships with a database of WHOIS servers for common top level domains. Most people will want to accept the default database.

· Selecting a word list

Word lists are used in conjunction with search words to construct a list of possible domain names. Domain Miner ships with two default word lists: the Enhanced North American Benchmark Lexicon, and a list of marketing words. See also Defining your own word list.

· Defining a search word

The search word should relate to your organization name or business activity.

· Initiating the search

This is the final step in the process where Domain Miner submits queries for every possible domain name as per the information you provided.


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