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Windows Time Server

TripNav TN-200

With PresenTense Time Server and the TripNav TN-200 you can build your own network enabled, low cost, GPS master clock to synchronize all your computers to atomic time via the global positioning satellite system. The TripNav TN-200 is easy to use and requires only a standard USB port, no external power and features a water resistant housing for installation inside or outside of buildings. Simply add any off-the-shelf USB extension cable to suit your own antenna cable length requirements.

The TripNav TN-200 features a built in 12 channel GPS antenna, is WAAS capable for enhanced precision, and achieves an accuracy of 1 microsecond to UTC. This device is no longer available and the instructions and driver are only for customers with systems based on this GPS.

Installation Notes : The TripNav TN-200 software installs a virtual COM port, typically on COM 5, which relays the NMEA output from the TN-200 GPS unit to PresenTense Server. Please note that long USB cables and operating system overheads in servicing the virtual COM port may result in signal offsets that are specific to your site. You may need to calibrate your GPS installation via the offset calibration factor as illustrated in the section NTP4 Plug-In Driver Calibration. See also PresenTense NTP Auditor for additional information on NTP calibration.

Driver tunables :






offset calibration factor



server stratum, default 0


one to four letters

server identifier, default GPS

TripNav TN-200 specifications are subject to change.