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Windows Time Server

Hopf 6870 & Compatibles
Hopf Elektronik manufactures GPS satellite clocks as well as radio clocks designed for the DCF77 time signal broadcast by the National Institute of Natural and Engineering Sciences in Germany. This driver supports the Hopf Elektronik clock model 6870 and compatible clocks. These rack mount units are designed to connect to a time server on a personal computer via the RS-232 serial port interface. You may visit Hopf Elektronik on the web at , or email technical support at

Hopf 6870


Hopf 6870 Operation

When the unit is connected to a personal computer via the RS-232 interface and connected to its external GPS antenna, the Hopf 6870 diagnostic software will display the synchronization status of the unit on the Date & Time tab in the Status field. Satellite signal strength is displayed on the Satellites tab. When the Hopf 6870 clock has successfully synchronized to satellite time or DCF77 time the status indication changes to "clock is radio synchronous with crystal control standard time".  If you wish PresenTense Server to use the timestamps obtained from the Hopf clock prior to this stage, see "flag1" under Driver Tunables at the bottom of this page.



Driver tunables :






offset calibration factor


one to four letters

server identifier, default GPS or DCF


0 or 1

Use value 1 to force synchronization when only "crystal driven".