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Windows Time Server

SNTP Time Source Tab


Reference Time Server

This option allows you to specify one primary and one redundant time server to which PresenTense Time Server will synchronize. You may specify either an IP address, hostname, or DNS name. If you elect to specify a hostname  or DNS name, please ensure that name resolution is properly configured on your TCP/IP network.

Automatic fail-over from the primary to the redundant time source occurs if the name for the primary source cannot be resolved, or PresenTense Time Server times out waiting for a reply from the primary time source.

If you decide to synchronize to a time server on the internet rather than a corporate time server, ensure also that firewall rules permit the network traffic for the protocol you select.

In the example above, an in-house GPS master clock is used as a primary time server and an internet based time server is used as the redundant timer server.

Time Source Type

This option allows you to specify the type of time source you wish to use. Your choice here depends mainly on the availability of services offered and your time keeping requirements. The recommended and by far most accurate option is NTP/SNTP.

Synchronize Every

This option allows you to set the polling interval. How often PresenTense Time Server needs to poll its time source depends primarily on the clock drift of the local BIOS clock and your time keeping requirements. The default value is 15 minutes.


This option determines how long PresenTense Time Server waits for a reply from its time source. This value should not exceed the polling interval.

Maximum NTP Root Dispersion

This option can be used to validate time stamps received from NTP time sources. Use it to reject time stamps which exceed a certain nominal error.