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Windows Time Server

NASD OATS Regulatory Compliance
PresenTense Auditor allows companies to comply with the time auditing requirements of NASD Rule 6950 - 6957 as specified by the National Association of Securities Dealers and the Securities and Exchange Commission ruling SEC Rule 71a-4 on records keeping. If PresenTense Time Server and PresenTense Time Clients are installed, complete time compliance can be maintained.
6953.Synchronization of Member Business Clocks
"Each member shall synchronize its business clocks that are used for
purposes of recording  the date and time of any event that must be recorded
pursuant to the By-Laws or Rules of the Association, with reference to a time
source as designated by the Association, and shall maintain the synchronization of
such business clocks in conformity with such procedures as are prescribed by the

OATS Technical Reporting Specifications

Section 2 Clock Synchronization requires : "...member firms must document and maintain their clock synchronization procedures. In addition, member firms should keep a log of the times when they synchronize their clocks and the results of the synchronization process. This log should include notice of any time the clock drifts more than 3 seconds. This log should maintained for the period of time and accessibility specified in SEC Rule 17a-4(b), and it should be maintained and preserved for the time period in paper format or in a format permitted under SEC Rule 17a-4(f)."
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