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Windows Time Server

Generic NMEA GPS

The "Generic NMEA GPS receiver" option is useful if your GPS system or radio clock is not specifically listed here but supports the NMEA protocol. In order to operate NMEA GPS clocks with the PresenTense Time Server NTP4 plug-in, your GPS must conform to the NMEA 0183 standard and emit the GPRMC or GPGGA sentence once per second. Check the manual which accompanied your GPS or consult the manufacturer if you are unable to configure it to NMEA. Most GPS systems can be configured to emit NMEA sentences.

Note: Many devices emit 5 or 6 NMEA strings. If you are able to configure which NMEA sentences your device emits, choose either GPGGA or GPRMC only. This reduces PresenTense Time Server's overheads in parsing the incoming sentences and can improve timing accuracy.

Driver tunables :






offset calibration factor



server stratum, default 0


one to four letters

server identifier, default GPS