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Email Encryption for Windows

Is SecExMail legal in my country ?

SecExMail is distributed from the Isle of Man, a self governing offshore island in the Irish Sea. The Isle of Man has no laws restricting encryption technologies and is committed to pro e-commerce legislation. See E-Island Fact Sheet published on the Isle of Man government web site However, you are advised to check that the laws of your country allow the import and use of mass encryption software before downloading and/or using SecExMail. Please see the terms of the license agreement for details.

Bytefusion Ltd endeavors to comply with the highest standards of local and international law. Persons who reside in any country which is listed or becomes listed as embargoed by the United Nations with regard to export of encryption software are prohibited from using SecExMail.

SecExMail is compliant with the Wassenaar Arrangement on encryption technologies; it is exempt from the Wassenaar dual-use restrictions as per Category 5, Section 2, "Information Security". SecExMail complies with Note 3 on cryptography :

SecExMail is generally available to the public by being sold via electronic and mail order transactions.

The cryptographic functionality in SecExMail cannot be easily changed by the user.

SecExMail is designed for installation by the user without further substantial support by the supplier.

Details of the encryption algorithm are available in this document. Printed versions available upon request.

SecExMail is also compliant with the European Union Council Regulation No 2432/2001 which implements the Wassenaar Arrangement as detailed above.

SecExMail is warranted to be free from spy-ware, key escrow or key recovery features of any kind.