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Email Encryption for Windows

Configuration Wizard

When you start SecExMail for the first time you will have the option to configure SecExMail using the configuration wizard. The configuration wizard will attempt to detect existing e-mail accounts and import the settings into SecExMail as well as adjust your e-mail client program to work with SecExMail. At present, automatic configuration is supported for the following e-mail client programs : Microsoft Outlook, IncrediMail, and Opera Mail.


All SMTP/POP3 compliant e-mail clients are SecExMail compatible. Some e-mail clients may require manual configuration.


SecExMail allows automatic discovery of encryption keys, so you don't have to manually exchange encryption keys with other SecExMail users. Keys are processed automatically as tag lines in incoming and outgoing mail.
After secure communication between yourself and another user is established, key tag lines are omitted. Automatic key exchange is enabled by default.


SecExMail supports a number of privacy filter options. Incoming HTML messages may be converted from their native HTML format to plain text. This feature protects your computer against malicious HTML containing exploits based on active message content which may be embedded in HTML code. The HTML filter is not enabled by default. Enabling this filter will not impact your ability to receive HTML attachments.


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