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GPS Parts List
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· GPS Receiver  

Garmin GPS III Plus, or  
Garmin GPS V, or  
Garmin GPS II Plus (discontinued)  
Please see,, for detailed information. At the time of writing, most Wal-Mart stores across North America and many outdoor outfitters stock the Garmin GPS III Plus. Please see for more information. If you wish to purchase the GPS II Plus directly from Garmin Corporation, simply phone 1-800-800-1020 or email  

· Data Link Cable  

In order to connect your GPS to the serial port of a personal computer you will need an interface cable. Further, if you wish to operate the unit using a DC power supply instead of using "AA" batteries, you will need a PC interface cable with a 12 Volt cigarette lighter adapter. Please see for detailed information.  
The Garmin part number for the PC data interface cable is 010-10141-00  
The Garmin part number for the PC interface cable with cigarette lighter adapter is 010-10165-00.  
You may also visit or visit and search for "Garmin PC Interface Cable Cigarette Lighter Adapter".  

· External Antenna  

Your GPS needs to have an unobstructed view of the sky in order to receive satellite signals. The roofs of wooden buildings sometimes allow the satellite signal to pass through. In some cases, simply placing the GPS receiver near a window will result in adequate signal strength. In all other cases, an external antenna most be mounted outdoors with a clear view towards the sky and connected to your GPS receiver. We recommend the external antennas GA-29 ( Garmin part number 010-00174-00 ) or GA-26C ( Garmin part number 010-10052-04). Please see for detailed information.  

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