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Network Time Management Products

Product Description
PresenTense Time Server SNTP, NTP4 Time Server for Windows - Read More -
PresenTense Time Client SNTP, NTP4 Time Client for Windows- Read More -
PresenTense NTP Auditor Compare the time on your computer to the real time. Keep logs over days, months or years. - Read More -
LanTimeAnalyser Remote management software for PresenTense Time Clients. - Read More -
NTP Server Scanner FREE - Utility to locate NTP and SNTP servers on your network or the internet. 
NTPQuery FREE - Diagnostic tool for NTP and SNTP servers.
PTQuery FREE - Diagnostic tool for PresenTense Time Clients.

Other Products

Product Description
BFTelnet Server   Telnet Server for Windows NT, XP, 2000 and 2003. - Read More -
E-mail Control Console Utility for converting e-mail stored in various clients to HTML for easy indexing and viewing.
Domain Miner Utility to assist in finding unregistered domain names.
NMEA Recorder FREE - Utility to capture information from a GPS satellite receiver via a serial port.
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