NTP Server Scanner - NTP Server Locator

NTP Server Scanner helps you easily locate NTP and SNTP servers on your network or the internet. NTP Server Scanner is available free of charge to our customers to help administrators setup and configure time management on their networks. When run, the utility automatically scans and displays available servers.


No time server on your network? Click Here for PresenTense Time Server.

PresenTense Time Server - Advantages at a glance

· Accurate and reliable ( microsecond accuracy, 24/7 availability )
· Easy to install and maintain ( most users up and running in less than a minute )
· Versatile ( able to use almost any reference time source including GPS and internet time servers )
· Low total cost of ownership ( support included meaning no yearly support fees )

How accurate is your time server? Check it using PresenTense NTP Auditor.

PresenTense NTP Auditor - Advantages at a glance


To download your free copy of NTP Server Scanner, please visit the Download section of our web site.


PresenTense for Windows NT
PresenTense98 for Windows 95/98
LanTime Analyzer

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