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Using E-Mail Export Shield

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You can use E-Mail Export Shield as a stand alone application or from within E-Mail Control Console. The interface consists of a single, control panel style dialog. In order to successfully export your e-mail data you will need to complete the following sequence of steps in the order shown...

_bm0 Selecting your E-mail Client

Tell E-Mail Export Shield what e-mail client you are using. The appropriate export filter will be selected automatically.If your e-mail client application is not listed, check for updates or write to The implementation of new export filters is based on market need, and the more people voice interest in a particular filter, the more likely it is to be included in future releases of the product.

_bm0 Locating the E-Mail Client Database

You can let E-Mail Export Shield find your e-mail files for you. In the "Look in folder" field, select the folder or drive that you think contains your e-mail and click the "Find" button. Matching archive files will be listed in the "E-Mail Archive" field.

_bm0 Selecting an Archive to Export

Most e-mail clients maintain a number of seperate archives. When you navigate your client application, these archives appear as individual folders such as "Inbox" or "Sent". E-Mail Export Shield lets you extract single archives one at a time. Simply select the archive you wish to export in the "E-mail archive" field.

_bm0 Automatic Filename Generation

E-Mail Export Shield automatically generates filenames for exported e-mail files. Generated names are based on a prefix you specify and a sequential number. A default prefix containing today's date has been provided for you. You may specify an alternate prefix in the field labeled "Prefix new files with".

_bm0 Selecting a Target Folder

Tell E-Mail Export Shield where you want exported e-mail files to be saved. In the "Write to folder" field, select the desired drive and directory.

_bm0 Exporting your E-Mail Messages

Simply click the "Export" button to complete the process. Check the field labeled "Exported files" for progress.

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