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Open systems e-mail archival & management - The final answer !
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Email Control Console

Always wanted to :

_bm1 Escape the confines of your e-mail client ?
_bm1 Integrate your mail data with other technologies ?
_bm1 Merge your e-mail with existing database applications ?
_bm1 Share your e-mail with others on the corporate intranet ?

Now you can !

E-Mail Control Console presents an entirely new way of managing your e-mail database without your e-mail client application. With the aid of its powerful companion, E-Mail Export Shield
, it enables you to manage your mail data outside of any vendor specific format.

You are free to change e-mail clients without "dragging along old baggage".

Step One:       Export your e-mail messages from the mail client
            application to raw ASCII text files with
E-Mail Export Shield.

export e-mail messages

Please refer to "E-Mail Export Shield Help" for a list of supported
data formats.

Step Two:       Keyword-index, sort, organize &
            html convert your e-mail messages
E-Mail Control Console.

index e-mail messages

Step Three:       "Drag & Drop" e-mail messages and the index created by
E-Mail Control Console to your company internal web
             server and share your information...

web host e-mail messages

No special software other than an html capable web browser is
required on the client side !

_bm1 Indexing your E-Mail

_bm1 System Requirements

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