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Administration Tab
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·Service Status  
This panel indicates if PresenTense98 is running or stopped. Use the buttons to start and/or stop the service.  

·System Status  

This panel indicates the system time in 24-hour format. Use the buttons to conveniently access other control panel  
date/time functions.  

·System Tray Icon Enabled on Next Launch  

Check this option as appropriate to enable or disable the tray icon on the system tray. If you disable the tray icon,  
PresenTense98 will operate invisibly in the background.  

·Event Log Buttons  

PresenTense98 maintains an event log similar to the event log under Windows NT. ( You configure event logging in detail on the "Advanced" tab.) Use the VIEW button to view the contents of the event log, if any, and the clear button to reset the contents of the event log.  

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