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What is Secure Information Courier?
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secure information courier  

Encrypted Email Submissions - Straight from your web site!

Advantages at a Glance...

·Allows your web site visitors to send you secure encrypted messages with attachments  
·Visitors to your site need no software to use the secure facilities  
·Customers are able to send credit card details or private information with confidence  
·Allows you to remove insecure form submissions from your web site  
·Easy to configure - the wizard guides you through  
Secure Information Courier brings strong email encryption to your organization's web site. Visitors to your web site can send secure email to your organization and even convey digital documents securely using industry standard encryption. Secure Information Courier is easy to use and nothing is assumed about the skill level of visitors to your site or about software pre-installed on their computers.

To use Secure Information Courier, you simply deploy an ActiveX control in the "contact us" area of your web site. First time visitors accept the ActiveX control upon their first visit - it's signed with a trust certificate from Thawte,
the leading internet trust authority. The ActiveX control contains Secure Information Courier and allows visitors to your web site to send secure email to your organization as well as securely relay documents to you. If you are an accountancy firm or law firm who for example might wish to receive financial statements or similar documents from clients and provide clients with a secure means of conveyance, then Secure Information Courier is for you.

Features :

·Secure Information Courier is completely controlled by the web site owner and requires no intermediary services.  
·No end user configuration is required. Web site visitors simply fill in a form, enter their message text, then hit encrypt and send...  
·The Secure Information Courier user interface is "skin able". This means web site owners can customize the product with their own corporate logo and message prompts.  
·Size: At approximately 400KB, Secure Information Courier only takes a few seconds to load.  
·Trust: Secure Information Courier uses industry standard encryption technology. The core algorithm employed by the SecExMail message format is "Twofish". The algorithm is unencumbered by patents and has been subject to extensive peer review.  
·Customers send email and documents securely and directly to your mail server. Mail is never stored on the servers of the customer's ISP.  
·Compatible with SecExMail and Crypto Anywhere encryption software.  

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