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· Model  

Use this option to specify the model of your GPS receiver. Supported units  
at this time are:  
a) Generic : Support for generic NMEA GPS receivers that conform to the NMEA 0183 standard and emit the GPRMC or GPGGA sentence at regular, precise intervals of one or two seconds.  
b) Garmin 38 : Hand held GPS receiver from Garmin Corporation.  
c) Garmin II Plus : Hand held GPS receiver from Garmin Corporation with support for external antenna connection. This option includes the Garmin III Plus and the Garmin V.  
d) TripNav TN-200 : USB port powered GPS receiver from Rayming Corporation. Please note that long USB cables and operating system overheads in servicing the virtual COM port may result in signal offsets that are specific to your site. If you require a high degree of accuracy, we recommend the use of the NTP4 plugin TripNav TN-200 driver and suggest you calibrate your GPS installation as illustrated in the section NTP4 Plug-In Driver Calibration.  

· Serial Port  

Use this option to specify the serial port on your PC to which the GPS receiver is connected.  

· Speed  

At present, NMEA 0183 only supports 4800 Baud.  


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