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SecExMail Corporate Edition Overview


  • Requires no client software on workstations
  • Supports domain keys, group keys, and individual keys
  • Cost effective pricing makes email encryption affordable
  • Low cost of ownership as support is included in most versions

SecExMail Corporate edition ships with both the SecExMail Corporate Edition Client and SecExMail Gateway. SecExMail Gateway should be installed on your LAN but only remote machines (logging in via the internet) need to install SecExMail Corporate Edition Client. This means that deploying secure email across your LAN/WAN requires minimal effort. SecExMail's automated key handling ensures that users cannot inadvertently send confidential messages in clear text. The diagram below shows the interaction between normal e-mail clients, such as Microsoft Outlook, SecExMail Gate, SecExMail Corporate Client and existing email servers.

Email encryption has never been this easy!

For further information on SecExMail Gate click here.
For information about how SecExMail Corporate Client works, click here.

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