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RFC 868
RFC 868
RFC 2030
RFC 2030
RFC 1305
RFC 1305
1. Introduction
1.1 Related Technology
2. System Architecture
2.1 Implementation Model
2.2 Network Configurations
3. Network Time Protocol
3.1 Data Formats
3.2 State Variables and Parameters
3.2.1 Common Variables
3.2.2 System Variables
3.2.3 Peer Variables
3.2.4 Packet Variables
3.2.5 Clock-Filter Variables
3.2.6 Authentication Variables
3.2.7 Parameters
3.3 Modes of Operation
3.4 Event Processing
3.4.1 Notation Conventions
3.4.2 Transmit Procedure
3.4.3 Receive Procedure
3.4.4 Packet Procedure
3.4.5 Clock-Update Procedure
3.4.6 Primary-Clock Procedure
3.4.7 Initialization Procedures Initialization Procedure Initialization-Instantiation Procedure Receive-Instantiation Procedure Primary Clock-Instantiation Procedure
3.4.8 Clear Procedure
3.4.9 Poll-Update Procedure
3.5 Synchronization Distance Procedure
3.6 Access Control Issues
4. Filtering and Selection Algorithms
4.1 Clock-Filter Procedure
4.2 Clock-Selection Procedure
4.2.1 Intersection Algorithm
4.2.2. Clustering Algorithm
5. Local Clocks
5.1 Fuzzball Implementation
5.2 Gradual Phase Adjustments
5.3 Step Phase Adjustments
5.4 Implementation Issues
6. Acknowledgments
7. References
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Appendix B
Appendix C
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Appendix E
Appendix F
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Appendix I
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PresenTense Time Client
PresenTense 98/95/ME Client
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NTP4 Query Command Line Tool
NTP Auditor
PresenTense NTP Auditor
NASD OATS Regulatory Compliance
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