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Time Server / Client Remote Management

Quick Start


The scenario above shows a PC running LanTimeAnalyzer which is also running PresenTense Time Client and synchronizing to the Time Source (which can be a GPS master clock or an internet based time server).  The PC running LanTimeAnalyzer becomes the reference point for time on the network as all times and calculations of errors are based on the time of this PC.

The PC Networks depicted above can be wide area networks or local area networks of PC's running PresenTense Time Client which LanTimeAnalyzer can communicate with via the network. This may mean that firewall rules need to be modified to allow communication.

Getting Started

From the initial Dashboard view, click the Scan Network button or using the Advanced -> Scan menu.
Enter a start and end IP address and click Scan.
Click OK and you should see the managed clients in the list.

For further details and configuration options, see: Add PresenTense Time Clients to the database

PresenTense Time Client time differences and status can now be seen in the left view.
Please refer to Interpreting the User Interface for further details.

Managing Settings

Once you have added PresenTense Time Clients to the database, they can be monitored and also managed. Settings such as which time source PresenTense Time Clients synchronize with can be pushed to individually chosen time clients or all at once. See Managing PresenTense Time Clients for further details.

Once your network operates within established parameters, you may wish to define alarm conditions and configure alarm actions to be carried out when alarm conditions are occur.