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About SecExMail


Allow key deactivation

Assymetric key entropy

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Block cipher

Bytefusion Ltd.

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Caching your key passphrase


Changing the passphrase on your key

Choosing your key size

Clearing the passphrase cache on your key

Creating your personal keys

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Decryption Port

Deleting friend keys

Deleting your key

Displaying fingerprints of friend keys

Displaying key properties on friend keys

Displaying properties of your key

Displaying your key fingerprint

Distributing SecExKeys

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Email client configuration

Emailing friend keys

Emailing your key to friends

Enable decryption service

Enable encryption service

Enable logging

Encryption Port

Entropy pools


Event Log

Exporting / saving friend keys to disk

Exporting/saving your key to disk

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Fingerprints - friend keys

Fingerprints - your keys

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General Features Overview

Generating new keys

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How do I get started ?

How public key encryption works

How secure are SecExMail keys?

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IMAP support

Importing / loading friend keys from disk

Importing/loading your key from disk

Incoming Mail Port

Incoming Mail Protocol

Incoming Mail Server


Is SecExMail legal in my country ?


ISAAC Twofish block chaining

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Key file format

Key generator

Key size

Keyed encryption services

Known plain text attack

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Log Viewer

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Message format

Message In-Tray

Message Out-Tray

Mixing plain and cipher text

Modulus calculation

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Netscape Mail

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One-time pads

Outgoing Mail Port

Outgoing Mail Protocol

Outgoing Mail Server

Outlook 98/2000/Express

Outlook XP / 2002

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private keys

public keys

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Registry key data

RSA public key encryption

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SecEcMail composite encryption

SecExMail cipher

SecExMail keys explained

SecExMail Overview

Secure hash functions

Secure Socket Layer

Session key entropy

Setting the key activation state on friend keys

Setting the key activation state on your key

Show "In-Tray"

Show "Out-Tray"

Show banner at start

Source Code

Start minimized

Start SecExMail at boot

Stream cipher

System requirements

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Technical Features Overview


Transport Layer Security

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What email clients work with SecExMail ?