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SecExMail Versions - Secure Email Utility Protecting Your Right to Privacy.

Which version of SecExMail you choose depends on what purposes you will use it for. Whichever versions you choose, you can always send and receive email from a friend, business associate or customer who has any other version. In other words, all versions of SecExMail interoperate. Choose the version that best suits your needs from the table below and click on the link to see more information. Scroll down for a more detailed description of the terms used in table below.

If you are unsure which version suits, ask the CryptoWizard .

Privacy on the internet starts with secure email encryption and ends with SecExMail.

Linux Versions of SecExMail - Click here for the Windows versions.
Version - Click on link for more information Commercial Use Allowed Cost Support Included Interoperates with all SecExMail Versions SMTP Privacy Filters Group Keys Supports SSL Connection Includes SecEx Gateway Pay Only Once
SecEx Mail Home
Commercial Use Allowed: This means that you are not limited to HOME USE where HOME USE shall mean exclusively for use by LICENSEE in their place of abode for personal purposes. The definition of HOME USE specifically EXCLUDES use for any commercial purposes whatsoever, even if LICENSEE carries out such activities in their place of abode. The definition of HOME USE also EXCLUDES use by non natural persons and all organizations including but not limited to governments, corporate bodies, educational institutions, and charities. If your privacy needs involve commercial use, you need to choose a version which allows corporate email encryption.
Support Included: Bytefusion will provide support for this product and updates are available free within the major version number. This means that updates up to 2.0 are provided free.
Interoperates with all SecExMail Versions: Allows users of any version of SecExMail to send encrypted email to users of any other version. Your privacy is not compromised whether you send secure email to a friend or a company.
SMTP Privacy Filters: Allows you to filter information out of the e-mail header which contains information about you when you send email. Almost all e-mail clients include such information. For privacy, it is often advisable to remove this information. Most secure email or email encryption utilities cannot remove these, especially if they operate as a plugin. SecExMail protects your privacy by removing all information not necessary for the delivery of your encrypted message.

Group Keys: Allows one key to be used by a group of people. For corporations who want security without risking information being locked up in an employee's computer when they leave, this is the perfect solution. Personal keys, if present, are used in preference to group keys, thereby giving a flexible security policy to any corporate email system. Reduces administration as a key for each employee need not be generated. In other words, secure, encrypted email without inconvenience.

Supports SSL Connection: A Secure Sockets Layer connection to your email server protects your account passwords from being "sniffed" on the net. Normal email clients transfer passwords in clear text over the internet as defined in the RFC's for the POP3 and SMPT protocols. If somebody is able to snoop your passwords once, they can check your email at will. If you don't encrypt your email, you have no privacy. If you do have secure email but no SSL connection, you have a higher level of privacy. The most secure email system is however encryption and SSL Connection.
SecEx Gateway: SecEx Gateway is an SSL e-mail proxy. See above explaination of SSL and it's benefits. A certificate is issued with each SecEx Gateway to ensure that no "spoofing" occurs. This allows roaming employees to send and receive email from any location and be sure that nobody is intercepting their communications. Privacy while on the road!
Pay Only Once: Many software companies want you to pay each year to use the software. Some even go so far as to make you pay extra for support - every year. With SecEx Mail, you pay once only and support is included. Note: The Offshoremailroom version of SecEx Mail is provided free for people subscribing to Offshoremailroom which is a secure email account provider. See for more details of this service.

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