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What is SecExMail ?
Quick Start
Starting SecExMail
Mail server tab
Encryption tab
Desktop tab
My Keys tab
Friends tab
In-Tray Tab
Out-Tray Tab
Watch tab
Distributing SecExKeys
Send Mail Authentication
Passphrase cache
Outgoing Mail Filter
Incoming Mail Filter
Configuration Wizard
Automatic Key Exchange
Create your personal SecExMail keys
Personal Details Screen
Key Size Screen
Passphrase Screen
Entropy Screen
Progress Screen
Email Clients
Basic Email Client Configuration
Netscape Mail
Modifying Netscape Mail
Ximian Evolution
RSA Public Key Encryption
ISAAC Random Number Generator
The SecExMail Cipher
SecExMail Message Format
SecExMail Key Transparency
SecExMail Keys
SecExMail Key File Format
Entropy Collection
One-Time Pads
IP / DNS Spoofing
Known Plain Text Attack
What email clients work with SecExMail ?
Does SecExMail work with IMAP?
How secure are SecexMail keys ?
Is SecExMail legal in my country ?
Does SecExMail support signatures ?
Does SecExMail work with PGP ?
Is the source code available for SecExMail ?
Why can I not mix clear text and cipher recipients ?
Just Linux
WINE Configuration
KDE Autostart Menu
Font & Display Issues
About SecExMail
About Bytefusion Ltd.